How to Survive Urban Living  

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What is the advantage of buying a real estate property in Manila? You’re just a few blocks away from work, school, shopping, and other key establishments. Jeepney or bus stops are also near you when your house is only a couple of steps from the main road. Entertainment spots are also close to home if you got bored watching TV or surfing the net.

How about the downside of urban living? We could point out three problems: noise, pollution, and safety. Although it is more convenient to live in a busy street, it can’t be helped if you need to sacrifice these three. This is an unfavorable living scenario because it negates the purpose of having a house. It serves as a sanctuary where you can relax or get a goodnight’s sleep after work or school.

We can’t get away from Manila because this is the primary place to hunt a job and some of the well-reputed universities are around here. So, we have no choice but to flock in the capital to weave our own futures. As a popular adage says, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” In terms of city living, you have to blend in your surroundings.

Let’s tackle first the noise problem. There are different kinds of noises such as traffic, street, and neighborhood noise. Every day, from sun up to sun down, you need to deal with these annoyances. Expect vehicles whizzing from both direction, heavy foot traffic, and a lively neighborhood. Can you stand the pa-morning-an videoke session just across your street? Good luck.

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Noise cancellation is the key to solve this. Start on your windows by choosing a window with high Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating or ask the hardware store of a type which could block noise. A STC 30-33 will do but expensive. If you can afford it, try sound-proofing rooms facing the street. For a cheaper option, buy ear muffs or noise-cancelling headphones that you can also carry wherever you need a moment of silence.

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The next city headache is pollution. This is an unavoidable problem but at least we should try turning “green” right in our own home. This is quite an impossible task because of the limited space and sometimes lacking of soil to grow our plants. Is there still an existing soil in Manila? Anyways, you have to improvise by placing indoor plants near windows and a little plant box in your front home.

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The last and most important city dilemma is the security of the place. We have to face the ugly truth; Manila is not only a potluck for good-natured individuals but also for criminals. Vigilance is the key here and to carry this out setup essential safety features. Choose jalousie, frosted or double glazed windows. Manage to put a wide-angle viewer on your front door. If you can afford it, install a CCTV camera for a 24/7 monitoring and an alarm system.

It is a lot of work, isn’t? These are necessary steps to manage and survive living in Manila or any location in general.

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